QUOTATION We provide detailed quotations within 3 to 5 working days.

ENGINEERING KICK-OFF Technical teams will meet  at the start of a project to discuss concepts, feasibility, ergonomics, layout and so on. 

MANUFACTURING Experienced CNC programers, operators, machinists and quality inspectors verify that our equipment is built according to the print.

ON-SITE ASSISTANCE Once the equipment is sent to our customer's facility, we provide assistance during the installation and at start-up.  

EVALUATE THE NEED Our project manager will meet with our customer in order to evaluate his needs and product's specifications.

PURCHASE ORDER REVIEW Verification of the contract to ensure that the customer's requirements and agreed terms are well identified.

DESIGN APPROVAL Design reviews are necessary to ensure a good exchange of information.  This can either be done via web meeting, at one of our facilities or at the customer's location.

TESTING & ACCEPTANCE Machines and tools are fine tuned by skilled process technicians to make them production ready.